I couldn’t leave out a review in light of how successful this online dating service is. claim to have made more than twice the amount of marriages than any other dating site. Now that is something to brag about! services 37 countries worldwide and the site is available in 12 languages. Part of the reason I really love is that it is accessible to everyone. The website gives no official figure, but membership is estimated at around 20 million users.

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When you complete your own review you will find that there is a diverse range of members. Not everyone is looking for a serious relationship, but about 75% are. In my experience, if you are honest with people up front they will be honest with you. Don’t worry about people wasting your time on here that are only after a fling.

There are some really good features of the site I will mention in this review. You can browse profiles for free on If you see someone who you like the look of you can send them a wink or a message. One of’s most unique features is its keyword search function. You can type any word into the search box and be given a list of profiles that it show up in. Great if you are looking for a partner that shares a particular hobby or interest with you.

A really important part of online dating is learning how to make sites work for you. This is why I have written this review, to help you do this. I really recommend using the keyword search function to look for members with your interests. For instance, I would look for members that were interested in Japanese culture, surfing or design. You will have no shortage of subjects to talk about!

It’s really easy to use the site. It is well formatted and user friendly. Put in your requirements and your search results will show a persons photo, location and age along with some other details. You can see that a person is online and even send them an instant message or a voicemail. review your profile and look for members that will suit you. This unique feature is seen in the suggested matches that the site gives you. If you have just sent a message to a person will bring up some similar members that might interest you. It’s a bit like suggestive selling really! But hey, it works and it’s a good way of expanding your options and increasing the chances of finding the right person.

Another feature that you don’t see on a lot of sites the fact that each members show the age range of partner they are looking for. This can stop a lot of unwanted communication from members that are much younger and much older than you if this is not what you are looking for.

When you email a member through the site, a screen pops up with a list of their interests. This is great, because you can talk about your common interests in your introductory email. Consider the ice broken!

Not everything in this review is about finding a partner. Some of it is about self-discovery. A fun and interesting feature of is the personality quizzes that appear. If you are looking for a bit of an insight into yourself or someone you are dating then these can be of help. For all intents and purposes though, they are there for a bit of fun!

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