The first thing to mention in an review is that this site has really changed the online dating landscape. has something that no other online dating site does. It works differently from any other online dating sites. You don’t create a profile and sell yourself to others. Nor do you peruse through others profiles finding someone that you think will suit you. Instead you complete a very thorough questionnaire about yourself.

When you opt to join you will be prompted to fill out the questionnaire straight away. It includes all kind of questions; like how you rate your appearance, to whether you think religion is important and even if you consider yourself to be a frugal person.

Click here to join (special registration) review your personality based on the results of this questionnaire, you will be sent matches to your email account by eHarmony. If any of them stand out to you then you can contact them via email. The concept of eHarmony is that instead of finding a partner based on chance, the system will match you based on deeper core values. The intended effect is a better long term match.

The reason I’ve decided to chose to include an review is that I really admire their approach to relationships. I really think it is close to impossible to find that special someone just by chance. It takes more than bumping into someone in a bar to create a life together.

The review system makes matches using an algorithm which is apparently based on 29 core values. These were developed by a Christian man who worked counseling couples for many years. Concerned with the growing divorce rate, he thought that there must be a better way for people to meet the right long term partner than just chance. Something about his ideas are right, the site boasts 50 million members.

This is definitely not a site for those looking for casual relationships. Only those serious about a long term relationship need apply! review statistics show that this site is certainly worth your time. The site claims that worldwide there are 259 marriages every day between people that met on their site. This is a pretty staggering figure.

When you sign on for eHarmony I will advise that you are patient. review matching is very thorough in their process, for this reason you may not find your perfect partner straight away. If you are not successful in the first month or so I strongly encourage you to be patient and really give it a chance.

Something else eHarmony encourages you to do is look beyond your home neighborhood. I really agree with this. You don’t have to start looking on the other side of the world, but be open to people that live more than 50 miles away from you. If I told you the love of your life was a two hour train ride away, you would get on that train, right?

An review wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t mention a few things that I don’t like about; if you are homosexual or have been divorced twice the site won’t accept you. Kind of seems unfair to me! Other than that it is definitely a dating site I recommend.

Click here to join (special registration)

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